Chez H’anna


One of the best, and consistently excellent take away options in Paris is fallafel (pronounced “fall-ah-fell”) from Chez H’anna in the Marais. Located on the winding Rue des Rosiers, Sarah and I discovered it years ago and have always gone back. There is a nice ledge around the corner to lean against, as well as a spot for the must-drink-with limonade.


Chez H’anna
54 Rue des Rosiers
Metro #1: St. Paul or Hôtel de Ville


Café Gourmand

Café Gourmand refers to a dessert option at many French restaurants. It’s a selection of dessert that are miniature, (I love tiny things!!) served with a shot of espresso. This one was from Sarah’s birthday dinner, sponsored by her fiancé, Brendan at one of our favorite restaurants, Le Bucheron. 🙂



On one of my walks around the 5eme arrondissement, I came across this little fruit stand. I love how the street is elevated in the center, with a small cafe. Everything around it is pretty neutral, but the colors coming from the stand seemed to glow.

Café life

In Paris, I always find myself spending a great deal of time on two activities. Walking long distances (sometimes, in circles) with no destination, and partaking in café life.

It doesn’t matter how short the trip, or how many things I had planned to accomplish. When you give in to Paris, time makes more sense. There is no rushing around. And, if you get a good table at Café de Flore, you stay put. You linger, and watch the people, as a rendezvous at the café becomes part of your day.

I did a great deal of Vogue reading here, over many café crèmes, glasses of Chablis, or St. Emillion.

I miss café life very much. It’s an activity that really makes you feel connected to the city.


Bon weekend!


In planning for Paris, I made a pretty extensive list of things I wanted to do while I was there. Some things practical, and other personal goals. They ranged from cafés to revisit, taking cooking class, and mastering cobblestones in heels to name a few.

Took a photo (in front of San Sulpice) when I got to the other side in 3 inch heels.

Check! 🙂



When skies are grey, it’s nice to remind myself that there are treats like this. The colors of les macarons make any day beautiful. Unfortunately, this picture makes me think of how delicious they are…but so far away. Oh, memories. 🙂

Café Petite

Bonjour mes amis! Oui, c’est moi. 🙂
I have not returned to Paris, non. However, I have so much more to say! Since I have returned to Chicago, there has been a lot of time to spend with family (hi, Laura!) and friends! In my down time, it has been really wonderful sorting through les souvenirs , drinking the coffee from Coutume Café , making pastry crust with my scraper from E. Dehillerin and looking at my photos. 🙂

People have asked me, “How was Paris?”“What was your favorite place?” ” Do you have favorite moments?” In fact, I do. 🙂 With the people that came across the Atlantic and English Channel to visit, and on my own.
I miss being on a long walk, and giving in to adorable street facing cafés such as this one. I found Café Petite in my last month. It was a charming, uncrowded café/bar with pleasant staff, and many things that I enjoy. 🙂

Great lighting and hooks under the bar…

Exposed beam bar structure…

…and adorable business “cards”. 🙂
This café became a somewhat regular spot for me. I loved the convenience to the Metro at my apartment, but I enjoyed the walk down les Grands Boulevards so much to République, that I reworked my outings blocks out of my way. Ah, Paris. 🙂
I usually put the addresses of my favorite spots on my blog, but I thought I’d let the business “card” tell you all instead. 🙂
Café Petite

More soon! À bientôt.

Des Enseignes

The Musée Carnavalet is a wonderful place in Paris, nestled in the beautiful Marais. Housed in two ornate mansions, it is dedicated to the history of Paris.

From 3-D models of what the city looked like through the centuries, to some of the faces off of the Pont Neuf, it’s really a treat.

One of my favorite collections were the two rooms of enseignes, or street signs. They spanned the 16th to 20th centuries. As a great number of the population was illiterate, it was important for business owners to have pictures outside their shops representing their trades.

I saw so many of these on my aimless, meandering lost walks, that I just started photographing them…and then I realized I had enough to make a post!
(Some have words now, but the creativity made these so special.)

For Olive Oil on Rue des Martyrs

Bookstore in Galerie Vivienne

A store dedicated to all things for your fireplace.


Wonderful Brasserie in the Latin Quarter.

Polidor (I know, you’ve seen this one already.)

Au Pied de Cochon – restaurant in Les Halles open 24/7.

A place to get an extra key cut for your beautiful pied á terre.

Rotisserie chickens?

Fresh fish.

Salmon and Caviar

Eyeglasses and repairs

This indicated the restaurant was inside the courtyard. When you walked into the courtyard, you could see different floors and types of dance classes in progress. Hence, The Studio.

A blacksmith along the Seine.

And there are so many more. Looking at these now, I remember where each one was located, and what a treat they were when I came upon them. 🙂


I heard about this bar later than I would have liked. Was I looking up wine bars? Wine tasting? Hard to say. Nevertheless, after my class at la Cuisine, I knew I had to get there!

I would recommend this bar for your first or second night here. Not only do they offer wine tasting classes, they have 40 wines by the glass. (These change every Tuesday!) How great it would be to learn about wine, before you sort of pick and choose your way through unknown (mostly to me) labels.

The people are very nice, and willing to teach you about your wines-even if you’re just sitting at the bar. (Open at 4pm).

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy wine in a chair like this? 🙂

They also have flights…I decided on the Champagne for my last night.

From Left to Right:
Rosé Tarlant
Grand Cru Lancelot-Pienne
Franck Pascal

Three glasses for three months, it just seemed fitting. Also, if you can zoom, la serveuse/em> who was learning, has amazing style. (Tartan blouse, skinny jeans, and brown, slightly heeled boots.)

They also have wines by the bottle, oui, bien sûr. The earliest I saw being opened was from 1976, and the decanter was amazing!

They have private rooms for tastings or parties as well. How lovely. 🙂 Next time, a private soirée!


If you are interested in more, they also have champagne cruises on the Seine, as well as trips to Reims for champagne tours.

Again, next time! À votre santé!

68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Metro: (4) Étienne Marcel