One of the wonderful things to do in this city is going to Montmartre. It is a climb to get up to Sacré Cœur, whether you amble up the cobblestone streets and lamppost lined staircases, or just climb the stairs and get to the basilica directly. The great reward of this climb is two fold. 1. The view of Paris from the top. 2. Sitting on the steps, listening to music and drinking wine. This is a skillfully honed activity. You cannot forget:
1. Plastic cups
2. A corkscrew
3. Backup music
4. A bottle of wine

So, if you get to the top, what do you do if you still haven’t found any wine? You have to go find some. And when you find wine on a hot day, how do you chill it? With a bag of frozen vegetables! Brilliant. 🙂 thanks girls!