With a little nudge, and some savoir-faire, Rebecca and I headed to see the house and gardens of Claude Monet in Giverny. We started at Gare St. Lazare, which hasn’t really changed since Monet painted the station.

We arrived in Vernon, which was a pretty town, but we weren’t really there to see it…we jumped on a little bus headed to Giverny, and saw a little tour of the town before we headed across the Seine.

When we arrived in Giverny, I think the world was quiet for a few hours.

The house was as I had imagined, but the colors were even more vibrant. In the house, the two rooms that struck me the most were the tiny sewing room (that had a view, of course), and his studio. Perhaps it was the wooden staircase that stepped down into a lower level that made all the paintings hanging on, but off the wall at an angle very real. The furniture, angled as it was; one was probably able to rest and gaze at the paintings above.

The gardens were lovely. All planted by Monet himself who remained the main architect, I read, even though he had hired several gardeners on retainer. I cannot keep basil alive, so this was clearly a monumental feat. It was very free flowing. To those that garden I think it probably looks like a dream.


Part of the property was Monet’s les nymphéas pond. Being there, in that moment, was an experience I will remember forever. I wanted to include video here, but I cannot. Email or text if you would like the small but sweet video. 🙂 in the meantime, I give you another photo. 🙂

Recommended side trip from Paris to all who love being inspired. 🙂