On Sunday, I decided to take a nice leisurely walk. It was a nice day and by the time I was out, the light was just beautiful. Different than the morning light, of course, which is very soft, and pastel. There were many doors left open, allowing me to snoop look inside courtyards that one might miss on a work day. 😉

I realized I was probably heading to Montmartre, when the streets kept their steady incline. But, I was happy to stop here, at Arnaud Delmontel, because I had read about his delicious bread and pastries. Apparently, he won the best baguette in Paris in 2007. I can see why.

The baguette was baked longer than that at my usual bakery, which gave it a very crusty exterior and a delicious, almost sourdough interior, with the random placement of pockets of air. And, as it was a baguette de tradition français, it was only made with wheat flour, water, yeast and salt.

I will track down the famed best baguettes in the city, and report back. The things we do for research. 😉