I finally went to Chartier! I came upon it by accident, and even though it was early, it seemed like a good idea. For many different reasons, I had never been to this classically French brasserie before…


Apparently, designed to look like a train station, with many clocks, and racks along above all the tables for coats and bags, it did not disappoint. The ceilings were high, with the main dining room roof done in glass.

There were sections of these card catalogue looking drawers scattered around, apparently for the napkins of regular patrons years ago.


They write your order on the table:


Started with pavé rumsteck au poivre
And 1/2 split of Côtés de Rhône,
Later, mon serveur suggested I have profiteroles, and you can note those on the top of this list. 😉

The only thing that wasn’t written was the price, which was a bargain for the delicious, straightforward meal, a piece of history and the beautiful setting.

I will return…did I mention they have Wifi? 🙂