The Hôtel de Sully is a private mansion located in the le Marais. It is located at 62 rue Saint-Antoine.


Years and years ago, (ok, 5) it was recommended (to Sarah and I) that the best way to get to the Place des Vosges was through the Hôtel de Sully. When Sarah and I came to see the city for the first time, we tried to find it, and found our own way in, which was still lovely. However, since I had just recently discovered it, (by going through the door in the opposite direction…), I thought we should do that first when she arrived!

It is a bit dark, because of all the sunshine (boohoo), but this proves we were there!
From the rue Saint-Antoine, you enter the giant front door, through a passageway, which goes to the gardens in the courtyard. The courtyard is an amazing space. People go through here regularly, but there it is a quiet about it that is such a respite from the rest of what can be such a busy arrondissement.

From the courtyard, you pass through the small door off to the right (or NW if we are being exact), and you enter the beautiful Places des Vosges.

If visiting, I recommend this as the way to go. Also, plenty of places to have a glass of wine when you get through the door. 😉