The other day, I was meeting my lovely friends Janis and Eric for dinner (at a wonderful brasserie called Bouillon Racine, but I forgot to take any photos, except of Janis eating snails! Go Janis!) and decided to do a little window shopping beforehand in their neighborhood, the 6th arrondissement. trouble

On a recommendation from one of the books I carry with me for small businesses with interesting products/stories, I found Cire Trudon. As you can see from the picture, the company has been making candles since 1643. (Not in this location, but in the city of Anthony outside of Paris). Apparently they had provided candles for King Louis XIV at Versailles, as well as the cathedrals and churches. Actually, the whole story of the brand is pretty fascinating. How the name and the specific skills were passed down…

I, of course, was stopped in my tracks by the colors!

When you walk into the store, it smells amazing as you can imagine. Not in the same way a parfumerie does, but a very warm welcoming scent.

They have beautiful tapered bougies of all different sizes, as well as a particular selection made of many different scents. You can also purchase candles made of one scent, but the complexity that went into making these is incredible! They are poured into glass that was made in Italy, crafted to be the same shape of a champagne bucket. 🙂 Who doesn’t need love that?

Let me know if you, um, need me to go back there. I will most likely be returning for a scent to fill my 10,000 acre manor. 😉

Cire Trudon
78 rue du Seine (6th Arr)
Metro: 4 Saint-Germain-des-Prés