After a few recommendations, (and listening to a lot of TSF Jazz in my temporary apartment with the built-in wall speakers) it was time to seek out one of the jazz clubs people kept talking about.

Luckily, Bryan knows a lot about Jazz, so I left the decision making of which club, and what day up to him. 🙂 On a weekday night, after finding a great bar (another post entirely), we went over to Sunset-Sunside and listened to a performance by the Joran Cariou Trio, with a focus on piano compositions.

They played downstairs, in the Sunset part of the club. The space was very small, and we got a great table not far away. And yes, the French really do take their music very seriously. It was extremely quiet. If we had been at the Green Mill in Chicago, the bartenders wouldn’t have had anyone to “shhh!!!!”.


Table service with some wine and live music. 🙂 I was happy, but I know Bryan really enjoyed it, as he spoke with Mr. Cariou after the performance.

A wonderful night. I felt like at times I could hear my Dad’s voice, “Oh, this is just wonderful!” 🙂

Cent percent Jazz… 🙂