I hate to start all my blogs like my journal entries, but…
On a chilly, rainy day…yes, again, Bryan and I had no set plans except going to the club in my last post. We were wandering down a little cobble stoned street near Pompidou and found this bar.


There was a lot of noise coming from this tiny bar, of the musical and lively discussion variety, and we decided to step in and check it out. 🙂 So glad we did.

I felt like we walked into a bar in Barcelona. Bryan says it reminds him of Italy. The giant bolts and hinges from some old door were still intact, in the stone walls. We thought it was perhaps an old carriage house? Stable?

In any case, the decor was interesting. All of the bottles behind the bar had their own specific slot, and there were pieces of old machinery all around us.

On the ceiling was this tin sculpture that rotated at will, so when light shone through it, the image changed on the ceiling.


It was very small and crowded. We had some Pastis at the bar while standing, and then were able to snag some seats at the front end, when some people left to eat their charcuterie plate. 🙂


Ah, Bryan on vacation. 🙂 I think it was at this point we decided we needed to return here before the week was over!

L’Art Brut Bistrot
78 rue Quincampoix
Metro: Châtlet or Rambuteau