Before I left for Paris, people very generously gifted me with different things. Pieces of advice, a flower fund from my Mom, restaurant recommendations, cookbooks, stickers, novels, journals, their time to listen to me go on and on about my hopes and fears.
Bryan’s parents gave me a pocket guidebook, and some generous seed money for an adult beverage to celebrate when he arrived.

From the book, I found this lovely place, Le Train Bleu, in the Gare de Lyon train station.

Actually, lovely doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was like having a drink at Versailles.



The ceilings were beautiful, the service was wonderful, and it had so much charm. We truly enjoyed our afternoon. We ordered a bottle of Deutz, which was accompanied by some little snacks. Herbs de Provence olive oil soaked garlic cloves, nuts, and olives that must have been marinating in spice heaven.


Based on the deliciousness of the snacks, and the length of time we took enjoying our Champagne, I think we went through 3 serving plates. 🙂

And apparently, because we were kind of a big deal ;), the waiter brought us each an extra glass.

So we combined our love of champagne with Bryan’s love of trains, and mine of train stations, and nice places. 🙂 So generous!!

And, in my next life, I will be returning as this resident cat, who took it upon himself to nap on only the coziest, sun-beamed, tufted sofas.



Le Train Bleu
Gare de Lyon, 1eme étage