Although I love the mousse au chocolat made by Bonne Maman, (think Jell-O pudding cups, but of mousse) it was time for the real thing. Or at least a walk farther than the fridge. 😉

There is no end to wonderful chocolate in this city. Sure, you will find more boulangeries per square meter, but there are chocolatiers everywhere.

When I read (thank you, Rebecca!) and sought out this shop in Saint Germain, it seemed too good to be true. True, it had not been open as long as many others, but it was established.

In the tiny shop on rue du Bac, the display lights are made from giant copper pots, and chocolate molds line the walls.



I was not there for boxes of truffles, or spreads, or powders.
It was rumored that there was un bar de mousse au chocolat in this shop, and I was there, just to see.



I don’t know how they managed to whip all of this deliciousness together, but it was amazing.

One pint of Equateur, and I was on my way to find a bigger spoon. 🙂

Ps. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep things cold on the plane? Otherwise, I guess I will be eating all my mousse at security. (That’s right…I’m going back!!)

Chocolat Chapon
69 rue du Bac
Metro: Rue du Bac