Oh, the pastry shop of our dreams. 🙂 Leave it to Paris to make the experience of purchasing a pastry, a treat in itself. I actually walked by the storefront because I thought it was a home decor store, and then realized I had missed the address.

When you walk in, the colors are pastel, set off by the metallic silver and glass displays in the center. This is where the items are for viewing. Many of the treats come regular sized, and miniature. The mini versions sit on tiny pedestals. 🙂

If you want to get a closer look at an item, the staff will lift one of the glass cloches by use of pulleys and weights. It’s pretty fantastic.


Once you wander around the displays and have made your choice, you order, and your pâtisseries come from the back. They do not box and seal them until you confirm they are correct. And, they sit on a layer of hollow cardboard so that little pink stabilizers can be put in place. Brilliant.

(You all know me, I kept my stabilizers.)

I felt it necessary to get two: une mille-feuille and un éclair au chocolat (which turned out to be covered in an entire chocolate shell!)…

…you know, just in case I woke up. 😉

Absolutely delicious.

La Pâtisserie des Rêves
93 rue du Bac
Métro: #12 Rue du Bac