One of my favorite things is going to open air markets. Those of you who know of my love of the farmers market remember that I gave myself an allowance. I felt that since I didn’t know what I was getting into, I should have a little extra. 🙂

This market was a feast for all the senses. I was astounded by the variety of things offered. Some vendors frown on photo taking, so I apologize for the limited documentation. (I also got there a bit later than I had expected because I kept getting confused in a roundabout on the way there, and I could not figure out how to get south! But, I digress…)

Produce, escargots, cheeses, flowers, sweaters (complete with taxidermy goat to prove the quality), seemingly endless choices of seafood, breads, Fallafel, candles, butter, honey, fois gras…it went on and on!




Just as you could imagine, there were vendors yelling out their great choices, to their friends across the way, and at customers for touching! True, this is not a feel free to choose what you would like type of place. You put the trust in the vendeur ou vendeuse to choose the best thing for you.

Since I was moving in a couple days, I did not buy things in great quantities. I just wanted some salad elements, and of course échalotes to make some vinaigrette.

I ended up having a Roman Holiday-esque adventure. I tasted all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and different breads, some grainy others not as hearty, mistakenly tried a goat cheese (no Sarah there to warn me!) and put on a brave face as I sought out my next treat. Ah, wine tasting! That helped!

In any case, I walked away with entire bag of things and a Demi baguette all for less than 8,00€. Oh, and a full stomach.


And a market in the shadow of la Tour Eiffel? Not too shabby for Molière. 😉


Avenue du Président Wilson
Entre Rue Debrousse et Place d’Iena
Métro: #9 Alma Marceau ou Iéna