The other day, walking around on the islands, I saw this café. I know that I had seen it before, but just never stopped in for anything.

But, like most days it was getting chilly, and it was time to warm up! (Also, I was breaking in new shoes, and needed a rest.) 🙂

It had a lot of appeal, and reminded me of Pastis in NYC. I know that should probably be the other way around, since this is Paris, but anyway. There was metro style tile on the walls, mirrors everywhere, long leather booths for big groups, great lighting, a zinc bar, and pretty glassware.




After my delicious vin chaud (perhaps the best I’ve ever tasted – post coming soon) I was coming out the door, and almost stumbled over Jamel Debbouze! We exchanged pleasantries, and it took me turning the corner and looking back in to place him. Among many other roles, he played Lucien, in the movie Amélie. 🙂

Very fun Paris moment. 🙂