Several months ago, Bryan introduced me to a CD by the very talented French jazz pianist and composer, Jacky Terrasson. I liked the CD so much I asked for a copy, or at least the opportunity to put it on my iPod. 🙂

When we went to the club, Duc des Lombards a couple weeks ago, to see Stefano di Battista (who was also fantastic and personable, but not enough photos for a post…), we both noticed he was on the list of upcoming shows. Sadly, this was after Bryan left. I promised I would go!

I committed to a Monday night at 22h since I thought that would be the least crowded. Well, I was definitely wrong. It was packed! Really glad I made a reservation…


(He is in the middle of the two women. Yes, it was cold outside, I was standing in line, and taking photos for fun!)

I was seated at the bar, since I was by myself, but this suited me just fine as I had a great view!

(Of course, no photos, and no video…sorry family and friends 😦 )

The show was fantastic. The energy that Jacky put into it was contagious. Everyone was really excited to be part of these moments with him, and his musicians. The whole club, tiny as it is, had an electricity you wish could be bottled.

After the performance, they all came to the bar. (Yay for me!) I met all of his musicians, his base player being from Houston, “oh! I’ve been to Houston……..” And spoke with Jacky (as he asked me to call him) in my best Champagne French. He was very warm, gracious and stylish.

The evening was wonderful, and like most great experiences, completely different than you ever expected. 🙂