Last week I was inspired by all the tiny madeleines I had enjoyed in tea rooms, crockery I liked in brasseries, and different sizes of glassware for wines, that I went off in search of supplies for my own kitchen.

I headed to Les Halles, which was the site of the very old central market for 800 years until it was moved to Rungis in 1971. In searching for a link about the history, I learned more than I had ever imagined. I love finding entirely new layers of history, and now want to seek out more detail! However, for a small peek at Les Halles in the 1960’s, here is a clip from Charade, where Audrey Hepburn meets Walter Matthau late at night.

Due to the focus on food and cooking in this area, it also became a great place to come for cookware and restaurant supplies. I had limited myself to two, but then found a third nearby!

La Bovida, as you can see has been around for 90 years. It was two levels of everything under the sun for a professional kitchen, as well as their own spice line!





I thought this was a pretty fun display, or Christmas decoration. 🙂

While I didn’t think a bag of spices was transportable, I did justify that a few euro for spice tin bearing their name and vintage design was necessary. 🙂


The next stop was a. simon. A two store front, though single level, establishment of things needed to set up a café. There were both sides, cookware as well as the small details.



Although very fun, I was unable to justify the need for a crêpe spreader thing. It only seemed to have one purpose. I may have to return for the miniature cocktail napkins (yes, smaller than standard) but I was unable to commit to a color! Great prices on wooden spoons, and spatulas! 🙂 Ahem.

E. Dehillerin was incredible. A family run business since 1820, they specialize in copper for pots and have their own line of knives. While it would have been fun to get my hands on a tiny saucepan, uh, maybe next time. 🙂

When you walk in the door, you can go right or left, two aisles only. 🙂



Everything was displayed in these wooden cubbies to the roof, accessible by wooden ladders. Smaller things were grouped in old metal loaf pans, or hanging from the ceiling.





If your items are out of reach, or extremely heavy, a clerk goes around with you to gather things. Check out the size of this whisk!

After you select your items, you take them to the desk. A handwritten inventory is written. You then take that to the counter, and a real receipt is printed where you pay. And finally, you return to the desk, where you present your receipt and your items are all packaged, ready to go. 🙂

Mini madeleine pan. Check!


Do you ever wonder how many people, great chefs or friends of yours may have walked through this door? 🙂

La Bovida
36 rue Montmartre
Metro: Les Halles

a. simon
48-52 rue Montmartre
Metro: Les Halles or Étienne Marcel

E. Dehillerin
18 & 20 rue Coquillière
Metro: Les Halles