Last weekend, I took a trip to the smaller flea market at Porte de Vanves. It is tucked away in the south of the city stretching for about 5 blocks, over two avenues.

While the Marché at Clignancourt is very expansive, and carries extremely large big ticket items, this was much more manageable.

It is definitely the place to go for collectibles and curiosities that will fit in a suitcase. There were silver pieces, old coins, notions, serving plates, glassware, military medals, swords, taxidermy and shadow boxes of butterflies (shudder), small furniture pieces, plastic key chains, old apothecary bottles, champagne buckets, gadgets, records, jewelry, vintage linens, bags, suitcases, scarves, picture frames (old, ornate and gold), tins, old calendars, lace, ammunition…

I didn’t understand these, but I was amused. 🙂

The merchants are used to dealing with customers in French, which made negotiating a lot of fun. People were very willing to give me a break on items I admired.

This suitcase looked like a great place to store magazines or old books. However, as it was large along with the memory of my brush with the bugs, I left it alone.

A photo that prompted a history lesson. 🙂

Since I went on a Sunday, there was a street market a block away which was helpful for my post-bidding lunch. 🙂

A couple of my treasures:

An old school slate for my kitchen. (Not for breaking over anyones head. 🙂 Right Laura, Jill, Abby, Amanda and Rebecca? I did laugh when I picked it up!) Etched into the top is name of the previous owner, François. 🙂

Des tire-bouchons. Continuing the collection.


A lovely (determined by Laura) ambrotype. I loved the case and think she will be happy at my house. 🙂

Although I did not find any Absinthe saucers or sous-verre (I have 3 in Chicago…) this little Veuve Clicquot saucer is perfect for keys and croissant loose change. 😉

Marché aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves
Avenue Georges Lafenestre, 14th
Métro: Porte de Vanves (#13)