Sunday is a special day in Paris. Certainly, it is still the weekend and there is time to catch up with family and friends. The idea of brunch has caught the eyes of certain restaurants, but not all. Most of the open air markets are available for grocery-type shopping, as there are none open on Monday. However, away from these markets are non-bustling streets, uncrowded cafés, and a general feeling of relaxation.

I walked to Café de l’Époque on a sunny fall day. I took a trip backwards through all of les passages, and stopped at Gallerie Véro Dodat for lunch.

While it is accessible from the street, it was much more fun to go through the curved velvet curtained entrance inside the Gallerie.

The inside was really pretty, and comfortable. There were long banquets as well as free standing tables. The menu was, of course, on a chalkboard. The waitress was extremely nice even though she was very busy. The lighting reminded me of the Cité metro stop. This place had some of my favorite sounds – all that café clatter from the bar back constantly washing and drying dishes. 🙂

I had an entrecôte with a béarnaise sauce on the side. Delicious.

If one was going to the Louvre, this would be a great place to escape the crowds.

It was a very relaxing day…and this café definitely captured the idea. Of course, on any given Sunday in Paris, you are well within your rights to do nothing at all. 🙂

Café de l’Époque
2 rue du Bouli
(Corner of Rue Croix des Petites Champs)
Metro: Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre