Timing is a pretty incredible thing, isn’t it? On a walk through le Quartier Latin, I found myself without an umbrella at a critical moment, and outside of this cafe at lunchtime!

I ducked in and got the last table, in the back.


Clearly taken after lunch. 🙂

It was a tiny little spot, but certainly popular with either locals or perhaps professors from nearby schools. It seems like most people came in for the prix-fixe, since items kept disappearing from the chalkboard. 🙂

I ordered and settled in with my magazine and what turned out to be a wonderful meal! I started with fresh cheese ravioli with tomatoes and un pichet of Côtés du Rhône.

The bread came in miniature buckets. 🙂

If someone decided to open a tiny jam, I guess this would be a good second use. 😉

I decided on the clafoutis de poivre for dessert, and it was wonderful. I didn’t realize you could do this with pears, (I’ve only had cherry) but, brilliant idea.

And of course, café. 🙂 Note the mismatched colors of the cup and saucer. Looking around, I didn’t see the same combination. It brought a lot of color to the tables on the rainy day. 🙂

Not that I will be purposefully traveling without my umbrella, but it’s nice to know that sometimes timing is everything. 🙂

Le Café d’Avant
35 Rue du Claude Bernard
Metro: Censier-Daubenton