Happy Thanksgiving, family and friends!! I hope you are all enjoying delicious meals, with a lot of flavor, and no drama. 🙂 I know that this time of year, we spend time, with those we love. I did not make it back for this holiday, so I decided to spend it doing something I love, and then share it with all of you!!

I booked this cooking class on a whim. I thought it would be great to be with other people, all celebrating Thanksgiving, in another country. The menu was centered around fall, but was not traditional. It was a chance to meet new friends, and learn new skills! 🙂

The Menu:

Yes, I realize it is folded and butter stained…so here it is in print:
Gougères (Cheese puffs)

Main course:
Roasted coquelet with French herbs
Bechamel sauce
Potimarron gratin (roasted pumpkin with a quiche filling and grated cheese on top…!!)
Potato vanilla purée
Fig Chutney
Mesclun salad with pears, green beans, blue cheese and hazelnut

And Dessert:
Caramel Walnut Tartlets

Yes, we made ALL of these things! The only thing we didn’t make was the ice cream for the profiteroles.

The class was hands-on, but there was one giant island where you learn and work together. Our Chef, Justin, was very engaging and his passion for teaching was very apparent.

He gave us so many tips and hints along the way, it was incredible. When things are added, or why they are not. Gradually, verses all at once. Timing and heat, measurements and practical knowledge. Art, and science. Plus, I learned how to properly fill and use a pastry bag!

Pâte Choux (Think: Profiteroles, Eclairs, Paris Brest, and Gougères) 1 egg at a time.

“You control the pastry bag…not the other way around…”

Too thick…

Making Gougères

Preparing les coquelets


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The biggest bowl of potato purée I’ve ever seen! (Mashed potatoes!)

Dishes, trivets and boxes, oh my!

Champagne reward for all our hard work!

Dinner table overlooking the Seine…and un bouquiniste.

Profiteroles 🙂

Caramel Walnut tartlets

I can’t wait to make these things at home. I wish I had more photos, but at the moment, the memory on my phone is full. (Always at inopportune moments!! For example, a full table??)

I will say, that the people I met and shared this lovely fall holiday with around the kitchen, and the table were just wonderful. I do not know why people pick days or times, but our class was great, and we all had so much fun!

La Cuisine offers many different types of classes, from pastry courses, to baguette making. They also do market tours, where you go with the chef to a specific market (based on the day), purchase what is in season, and make a completely impromptu meal. Sounds fantastic!! When in Paris, I would recommend this establishment 100%. There are lots of things to eat in this city, but getting hands-on experience, and an appreciation of the treats in a patisserie is, priceless.

Also, I am now in possession of a discount card to E. Dehillerin for life!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Bon Appétit!! 🙂

La Cusine Paris
80, Quai de l’Hôtel de Ville
Metro: #1 Hôtel de Ville or #7 Pont Marie