Each time I tried to go to this Café, it was either the wrong day (Monday), or the wrong time (aka, lunch and dinner.) So, I thought, an off-time on a Sunday was the best choice.

This is a crêperie specializing in galettes de blé noir, or buckwheat crêpes. The owner is from Bretagne, and the quality of the ingredients shine though the organic galettes.

I had been wanting to also check out L’Épicerie next door. It sells all wonderful things from Bretagne. For instance, the irresistible butter by Jean-Yves Bordier, as well as yogurt, sea salt, cheese, oysters, confiture, caramels, spices, and a cave of ciders.


20121125-235350.jpgSince I was just one person, I had the good fortune to find a spot at the big chopping block table in l’Epicerie! You sit on wooden crates, which is pretty smart, because in such a small space, you can stash all of your stuff inside your seat. 🙂


Galette complet: ognion. With caramelized onions, it was delicious. Especially since you can taste all of the butter in every bite. I did my part and washed it all down with cidre. 🙂

For dessert, the most wonderful thing I’ve eaten in a long time: a crêpe made with caramel beurre sel, or salted butter caramel, topped with Chantilly aka whipped cream.

The whole meal was very interactive since we were all seated facing each other in a square. Definitely a solution to dining alone that is not just sitting at the bar. Brilliant. 🙂

Breizh Café
109/111 rue Vieille du Temple
Metro: #8 Filles du Calvaire