So, three months is coming to an end. Not quite, as I still am able to get up from Café tables without locking my shoes around the chair legs…There is so much to say, but not yet. It’s not over yet. I have a full day of lovely “Kate” things to do first. 🙂

However, I thought I would write a little something on packing. Not before a trip, but how you get it all back in at the end. 🙂


Rule #1: You must believe it’s all going to fit.

Rule #2: You might need a drink, to settle the panic, as well as lighten the weight. 😉

Rule #3: Buying an extra bag is completely within your rights. I recommend Longchamp. 🙂


Rule #4: If this doesn’t quite work with weight, you go to the post office. 🙂


(So pretty, and efficient!)

Rule #5: You can toss all toiletries that are on their last legs and congratulate yourself.
(Though, you might curse yourself when you realize you’ve replaced these things already with your new products…)

Luckily, I come from a family of packaging engineers. Wish me luck!

Update coming soon…:)


Rule #6: Sometimes, when it’s cold, you need to wear two coats! 😉

Thank you to everyone for your support!
More interesting posts soon!! 🙂