I heard about this bar later than I would have liked. Was I looking up wine bars? Wine tasting? Hard to say. Nevertheless, after my class at la Cuisine, I knew I had to get there!

I would recommend this bar for your first or second night here. Not only do they offer wine tasting classes, they have 40 wines by the glass. (These change every Tuesday!) How great it would be to learn about wine, before you sort of pick and choose your way through unknown (mostly to me) labels.

The people are very nice, and willing to teach you about your wines-even if you’re just sitting at the bar. (Open at 4pm).

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy wine in a chair like this? 🙂

They also have flights…I decided on the Champagne for my last night.

From Left to Right:
Rosé Tarlant
Grand Cru Lancelot-Pienne
Franck Pascal

Three glasses for three months, it just seemed fitting. Also, if you can zoom, la serveuse/em> who was learning, has amazing style. (Tartan blouse, skinny jeans, and brown, slightly heeled boots.)

They also have wines by the bottle, oui, bien sûr. The earliest I saw being opened was from 1976, and the decanter was amazing!

They have private rooms for tastings or parties as well. How lovely. 🙂 Next time, a private soirée!


If you are interested in more, they also have champagne cruises on the Seine, as well as trips to Reims for champagne tours.

Again, next time! À votre santé!

68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Metro: (4) Étienne Marcel