Bonjour mes amis! Oui, c’est moi. 🙂
I have not returned to Paris, non. However, I have so much more to say! Since I have returned to Chicago, there has been a lot of time to spend with family (hi, Laura!) and friends! In my down time, it has been really wonderful sorting through les souvenirs , drinking the coffee from Coutume Café , making pastry crust with my scraper from E. Dehillerin and looking at my photos. 🙂

People have asked me, “How was Paris?”“What was your favorite place?” ” Do you have favorite moments?” In fact, I do. 🙂 With the people that came across the Atlantic and English Channel to visit, and on my own.
I miss being on a long walk, and giving in to adorable street facing cafés such as this one. I found Café Petite in my last month. It was a charming, uncrowded café/bar with pleasant staff, and many things that I enjoy. 🙂

Great lighting and hooks under the bar…

Exposed beam bar structure…

…and adorable business “cards”. 🙂
This café became a somewhat regular spot for me. I loved the convenience to the Metro at my apartment, but I enjoyed the walk down les Grands Boulevards so much to République, that I reworked my outings blocks out of my way. Ah, Paris. 🙂
I usually put the addresses of my favorite spots on my blog, but I thought I’d let the business “card” tell you all instead. 🙂
Café Petite

More soon! À bientôt.